In the Chart Module, double-click the pink Medical area. Click the Medications tab.

Add Medication: Add a medication from the Medications List.

Show Discontinued Medications: List medications that have a Stop Date prior to today's date.

Print Medications: Print a list of the patient's medications.


Active medications also list in the Chart Module, Medical area. Every time you add, edit or remove a patient medication, an entry is made in the Audit Trail.

Add a Medication

Click Add Medication to open the Medications List, All Medications tab.

Double-click a medication to select it. If you do not see the medication, you can add it to the master list.

The Medication area lists the drug information as entered in the Medications List.

Then Medication Order area is specific to the selected patient.

Remove: Remove this medication from the patient's medication list.

Click OK to save changes.