Payment Splits (paysplits) allow income to be allocated to clinics, production, providers, and unearned income.

In the Payment window, click Add, or double-click an existing paysplit to edit.

To change paysplit settings, see Allocations Setup.

Entry Date: The date the paysplit is created.

Payment Date: The payment date as entered on the Payment window.

Amount: The portion of the total payment to allocate to this paysplit.

Unearned Type: Used to designate this split as as Unearned / Prepayment (e.g. prepayments). Defaults to the type set in Account Module Preferences, Default unearned type for unallocated paysplits. Customize types in Definitions: PaySplit Unearned Types.

Clinic: The clinic to allocate the income from this paysplit to. Defaults to the clinic assigned to the payment. Set the default clinic in Account Module Preferences, Patient payments use.

Provider: The provider to allocate the income from this paysplit to. Click the dropdown to change the provider and select by abbreviation or [...] to select by name. If none the paysplit will be marked as a prepayment. When providers are restricted to clinics, only providers available for the selected clinic are options.

Note: If a procedure or adjustment is attached to a new paysplit, the Clinic and Provider are inherited from the procedure or adjustment and overrides the Account Module Preference, Patient payments use.

Patient: The patient this paysplit applies to. All family members are listed. To select a patient that is not in the family, check the Is from another family box, then select the patient.

Edit Anyway: This button only shows when opening an existing paysplit that is attached to a procedure and the paysplit preference in Allocations Setup is set to Rigorous. Click to enable the Clinic, Provider, and Patient fields so they can be edited. The Setup security permission is required.

Note: To ensure income is allocated correctly, the Clinic and Provider should always be the same as the attached production item.


Attach or detach a procedure from a paysplit. See Select Procedure for additional details.

Click Attach to view a list of completed or treatment planned (TP) procedures with a remaining balance due. Treatment planned procedures only show when the Account Module Preference, Allow prepayments to allocate to treatment planned procedures is checked.

Highlight the procedure to attach to the payment, then click OK. The procedure's payment information (e.g. write-off, insurance paid, estimate, adjustments) will show for informational purposes so you can enter the correct paysplit amount to bring the procedure balance to zero.

Click Detach to clear a procedure.


Attach or detach an adjustment from a paysplit.

A summary of the currently attached adjustment is displayed.

Click Attach to select from a list of positive and negative adjustments that are not linked to a procedure. The Attach option is only available if there is no procedure or adjustment currently attached to the payment split. A procedure or adjustment may be attached but not both. To attach both, instead link the adjustment directly to the procedure (see Adjustment) then create a payment split and attach it to the procedure.

Highlight an adjustment to view a breakdown on the right.

Attached to Payment Plan: (checkbox at bottom of main Edit Payment Split window). Check this box to attach this as a Payment to a Payment Plan.

OK: Save changes made to this window. If the paysplit amount exceeds the procedure's remaining balance, clicking OK will prompt the user with an overpaid procedure warning.

Cancel: Close the window without saving any changes.