Task List and Inbox

Task lists are a way to organize tasks. A task list can have nested task lists or tasks within it, much like the folder/file concept. A user's inbox is also considered a task list.

Create a Task List

The Task List Create security permission is required to add a task list.

  1. In the Tasks area, click the Main tab then Add Task List. Or, open a task list and click Add Task List to create a sub-task list within a main task list.
  2. Description: Enter the task list name.
  3. Object Type: Optional.
    • Patient: Select when setting up an inbox, or if you want this task list to be available in the main toolbar when you click To Task List.
    • Appointment: Select when you want this task list to be available when you click To Task List in the Edit Appointment.
  4. Click OK.
  • To edit a task list, right click the list and select Edit Properties.
  • Leave Date and Date Type blank. They are used in Repeating Task Lists (Legacy) only. The Is from Repeating checkbox will indicate if the list was generated by a repeating task list.

Set up a User Inbox

A User Inbox is a task list that contains tasks sent directly to a specific user when you click Send To or Reply.

  1. Create a Task List for the user and select Patient as the task list's Object Type.
  2. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Tasks, Inbox Setup. (In 16.2 or earlier, click Setup in the Tasks area instead).

    Current users appear on the left. All existing task lists appear on the right. To add or edit users, see User Security.

  3. Click on the user, click on the task list, then click Set.
  4. Repeat for each user you want to create an inbox for.
  5. Click OK to save.
  6. Have each user log in and subscribe to their inbox. See Subscribe to Task List.