Treatment Plan Module

In the Treatment Plan Module, you can manage and prioritize treatment plans for a patient.

See our video playlist: Treatment Plan Webinars.

Treatment Plan Toolbar

These buttons appear in the top toolbar:

Treatment Plans

The Treatment Plans list in the upper left corner lists all active, inactive, and saved treatment plans for this patient.

Date:Displays the date for Saved treatment plans.

Status: The status of the treatment plan.

Heading: The name given to the treatment plan.

Signed: Displays an X if the treatment plan has been signed by the patient.

eClipboard: Displays an X if the treatment is currently being reviewed by the patient via eClipboard. To remove the treatment plan from eClipboard, click the X.


The following buttons are available to manage the treatment plan:

Show Tab

Options selected on the Show tab affect what shows in the Procedures grid and printed/emailed treatment plans.

To set other options that determine what shows on printed treatment plans see Treatment Plan Module Preferences (e.g. show itemized fees or grand total).

Sort By Tab

Procedures are always sorted first by priority, then by date. It can further be sorted by tooth number or order of entry. Also see Procedure Sort Order. Set the default in Treatment Plan Module Preferences, Sort Procedures By.

Note: If using Replication with Random Primary Keys enabled, the Sort By option is hidden.


The box at the upper right shows all Preauthorizations for this patient. Double-click a preauthorization to edit.

Procedures Grid

When you click on a treatment plan, the associated procedures show in the Procedures grid. What displays in the grid will display on a printed Treatment Plan.

Double-click a procedure to open the Procedure Info window.

The columns that show can be customized in Display Fields, TreatmentPlanModule. Options include:

The pri and sec ins estimates can be misleading if, in the Family Module, the patient has a dental plan listed first and a medical plan listed second. In this particular situation, the Pri Ins column will show the dental plan estimates, and the Sec Ins column will show the medical plan estimates. We recommend listing the medical plan first in the Family Module.

Set Priority & Estimates as of

The set priority list is used to assign priorities to the procedures on the treatment plan. Select the procedure(s), then click on a priority level. The sort order of the procedures will change accordingly. Priorities can also be set while entering treatment in the Chart module, and on the Procedure Info window.

Priority options can be customized in Definitions: Treat' Plan Priorities. You can use numbers, letters, or words up to 7 characters. You can change the sort order of procedures according to priority, change text colors, and hide priorities from view. Examples of other possible priority levels are Sched, Wait, Next, ?, Decline, Last, Low, High, NewYear, Urgent, WaitIns, Altern, Plan A, Plan B, RecPlan, and AltPlan.

Estimates as of: This date picker only shows if Frequency Limitations is enabled. Use this feature to calculate insurance and discount plan estimates as of a certain date. Click the dropdown to select the date, then Refresh to update calculations based on the date.


When the patient has an insurance plan, the area at the lower right shows remaining family and individual insurance benefits at a glance. For details about how amounts are determined, see Insurance Remaining Calculations.

Discount Plan

When the patient has a Discount Plan, the area at the lower right displays discount plan benefits at a glance.

Note: The Discount Plan fields are blank if the current date is outside the plans' effective dates.


The default note is set in Treatment Plan Module Preferences. Any changes made to the note here will be saved for the selected treatment plan. Right-click to add Quick Paste Notes.

Updating Fees

There are a few ways to update fees in active or inactive treatment plans (e.g. if fees have increased/decreased or insurance plan or fee schedule changed).

Fees in saved treatment plans are not affected when updating fees.