Appointments Module

The Appointments Module is where patient appointments can be viewed, scheduled, and managed.

See our Appointments Module Playlist.

Appointments Toolbar

These buttons appear in the top toolbar.


Use the calendar to quickly switch days to view past and future appointments. Today's date is surrounded by a square, the selected date is highlighted.

Click on a date to quickly jump to the day or week in the schedule.

Day or Week view: Select whether to view the calendar by day or by week. Set the default view by toggling the Appointments Module defaults to week view preference in Preferences.

Pinboard and Searching for Openings

The Pinboard can be used for easy scheduling between days or weeks.

Drag or send appointments to the pinboard, then drag onto the schedule. To search for available openings, use the Pinboard search function.

Appointment Views

Appointment Views determine the operatories and providers that show and the information that shows in an appointment. It also determines the default start time when Open Dental is first opened.

The default appointment view when a user logs on will be the same view active when the user last logged out. Click the dropdown to change views or press the associated function key across the top of the keyboard.

When Clinics is enabled, the appointment views are associated with specific clinics. Changing the clinic in the main menu will change the appointment view options and the appointment view..

Lab Cases and Production

Track the status of lab cases and view estimated production.

Lab Cases: Indicates the status of lab cases for the selected date. If clinics is turned on, only the status of lab cases attached to appointments scheduled in the selected clinic's operatories, for the selected date will show. If Headquarters is the selected clinic, the status of all lab cases attached to appointments scheduled in all operatories for the selected date is shown (including those not associated with a clinic). See Dental Lab Cases.

Daily Prod: View the daily production sum. Production must be added to the appointment view in order to view a value. For details, see Production Totals.

Daily Goal: View the total daily production goal for all scheduled providers in the appointment view. The value is calculated using the hourly production goals for each scheduled provider, as entered on the Edit Provider Window. Production or NetProduction must be added to the appointment view.

Confirmation Status and Other Tabs

Change the confirmation status of an appointment, and use tabs to track various information.

Confirmation Status: Quickly change an Appointment Confirmation Status. The option is grayed out if the user does not have the ApptConfirmStatusEdit security permission. Some statuses trigger Time Arrived, Time Seated, and Time Dismissed values, which affect the waiting room. Status options can be customized in Definitions: Appt Confirmed.


The Schedule

Time: Use the vertical scrollbar to move through the entire 24 hour day. The time increment is a global setting. Set time increments in Appointment View Setup.

Operatories: Define operatory names, colors, and order in Operatory Setup.

Colors: By default, white areas indicate open times, grey indicates closed times (see Schedule Setup).

Appointments: Basic appointment details show in an appointment box. Double-click the box to open the Edit Appointment Window or right-click to select more options. Every appointment has a second optional provider for hygiene so that only one appointment has to be made even if a patient is technically seeing two providers.

Moving Appointments:

Right-click options: