Confirmation List

The Confirmation List is a way to manually manage reminders and confirmations for scheduled appointments.

In Appointment Lists, click Confirmations.

Track communication with patients, send batch emails, postcards, and text messages. Users can browse to other windows while the Confirmation List is open.

To customize confirmation message text and appointment status options, Confirmation Setup.
To automatically send appointment reminders and confirmations, see eReminders and eConfirmations.

See our video: Confirmation List.

View / Set Status / Email From

Use the View filters to determine which appear in the Confirmations List grid. Use the Set Status and Email From options to help manage the list.

After setting filters, click Refresh at the bottom to update results.

Set Status: Change the confirmation status of selected appointments. First highlight the appointment(s), then select a Set Status option. The option is grayed out if the user does not have the ApptConfirmStatusEdit security permission.

Email From: Select the from email when emailing confirmations.

Confirmation List Grid

All patients who meet the view filter criteria are listed.

Column definitions:



Use the buttons at the bottom to help manage the Confirmations List.

Managing the Confirmations List

Manually managing the confirmation list differs practice by practice. Below are some options with information.

By Phone: Here are a few tips when calling patients to confirm upcoming appointments.

By Postcard: Click Postcard Preview to send postcards to selected patients.

By Email: Click Email to email selected patients a confirmation reminder. Use the Email From fields above to email from a specific address.

By Text: Click Text to text patients a confirmation message.

Confirmation Report

Click Run Report to open the Confirmation Report window.

Highlight the fields to include in the report, then click OK. The User Query is launched where data can be exported.