Task Reminder

When using Tasks, reminders can be used to remind staff of tasks that need to be done daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

The reminder will pop up and show in a user's task list when it is due until it is marked done.

Note: Show legacy repeating tasks option must be disabled from Tasks Preferences for Task Reminders to work correctly.

Task reminders show in three places:

How Task Reminders Work

  1. Enable tasks and set up user inboxes and task lists. See Tasks Preferences.
  2. Create a task reminder, setting type, date/time and repeat interval.
  3. When the reminder is due, it will pop up and appear in the task list. Mark the reminder done to make it disappear until its next due date.
  4. When you no longer want the reminder to appear, change the Reminder Type to NoReminder.

Additional information:

Create a Task Reminder


To create a Task Reminder:

  1. In the Tasks toolbar, select a Task List.
  2. Select the Add Task dropdown and click Reminder.
    • Alternatively, select a Task List from the Reminders tab, and click Add Task.
  3. Select the Reminder Type.
  4. Enter the Reminder details (e.g., Every #, Date, Days etc).
  5. Verify the Date/Time Task.
  6. Select the Task Priority.
  7. Enter the task Description.
  8. Verify the Task List.
    • If the correct Task List is shown, click OK to finish creating the task reminder and send it to the Task List shown.
    • If the correct Task List is not shown (or there is no Task List), click Send To.... Select the Task List to send the task reminder and click OK to finish creating the task reminder and send it to the selected Task List.

Date/Time Task: Enter the date/time you want the reminder to first appear. The default is today at the current time. Click Now to inset the current Date/Time.

Type: Select the a reminder type from the dropdown. Options may change in the Reminder area depending on the reminder type selected. See types below for the available options.

Task Priority: Select the task priority to organize reminders by importance. The default is Reminder with a color of light orange. Add options in Definitions, Task Priorities.

Task List: The Task List currently selected to send the reminder. After entering all Task Reminder details, click Send To... to change this Task List if needed. Otherwise, when clicking OK, this is the Task List the reminder will be sent to.

Description: Enter the text of the reminder.

See Task Window for additional information on the available fields and options in the Task Window.

Complete or Remove Task Reminders

To mark a task reminder as complete and remove it temporarily from the list until the next due date, check Done. This will create a new reminder task for the next interval date.

To stop a task reminder from repeating, set the repeat interval to Once or NoReminder.

To permanently remove a task reminder from a task list, delete it.

Note: To view task reminders that have been marked Done, in the Tasks area, click Options, Show Finished Tasks.

Task Reminder History

A history of task reminders shows under the Reminders tab, grouped by task list.

The list includes: