Appointment View Setup

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Appointments, Appointment Views.

Appointment Views determine the operatories and providers that show in the Appointments Module and the information that shows in a view's appointment box.

Clinics: If using Clinics, views are associated with specific clinics. All corresponds to Headquarters. Users can only access appointment views for clinics they have access to.

Views: Lists the appointment views already setup. Each view is associated with a function key (e.g F1). The Fkey is determined by the view's order on the Appointment Views window. To change a view's sort order, highlight it, then click the Up/Down Arrows. Double click a view to edit.

Time Increments: Set the time increment (5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes). The time increment affects all views.

Click Add to create a new appointment view, or double click an existing view to edit. See Appointment View Edit.