eClipboard Setup

eClipboard users can determine which features to utilize for their practice.

In eServices Setup, click eClipboard.

See our webinar: eClipboard App.

Set Up eClipboard in Open Dental

  1. Sign up for eClipboard in the eServices Signup Portal.
  2. Set up Mobile Settings to use when logging into the app. This only needs done once and is used for all Open Dental apps.
  3. Determine eClipboard rules and behavior (see below).

Install eClipboard on a Tablet Device

  1. Install eClipboard to each desired device. eClipboard is available for iOs and Android.
  2. In the app, enter the Mobile Settings to connect the app with the database.
  3. Enable the device in the Device Manager.
  4. (Optional) Lock eClipboard to prevent patients from accessing other areas of the device.
    • On Android, enable Pin Windows.
    • On iOS, enable Guided Access.

Clinic Setup

If using clinics, determine if all clinics use the same features, or if features are unique to each clinic.

Behavior Rules

Determine the behavior for the eClipboard app.

Send eClipboard BYOD to patient phones

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) allows patients to fill out forms via eClipboard from their mobile device. The Integrated Texting Feature eService is required.

Image Capture

Prompt for Image Capture: Click Edit to allow patients to take images of insurance cards, IDs, patient selfies, and more. See eClipboard Images for details.

Specify which forms are added upon patient arrival

When Add specified forms upon patient arrival is checked above, specified forms are added to the eClipboard device automatically when the patient checks in.

Double-click a sheet in use to edit the rules.

More Options

At the bottom of the window, click Branding Profile to set up branding for eClipboard devices. See eClipboard Branding Profile for details.

Other eClipboard options include eClipboard: Treatment Plan and eClipboard: Payment Plans.

Also see eClipboard Troubleshooting and eClipboard: What Patient Sees.