In eServices Setup, click Automated Messaging.

Arrivals automatically sends a text message to patients requesting they wait in their car before their appointment. When the patient arrives, they will text the response back to the office. This changes the appointment status to Arrived, sends an automatic text message asking the patient to wait outside, and creates an Alert to notify the office. When the appointment is ready, the office can then right-click on the appointment and send a Come In text message to patient stating they can come inside the building.

  • If a patient has been sent an Arrival message, and the appointment status is manually set to Arrived, the automatic text message asking the patient to wait outside will still send.
  • Appointment status may vary if the office has edited statuses in Definitions: Appt Confirmed and Appointments Module Preferences.

Arrivals is only available for offices using eConfirmations. Per text message fees apply.

General Setup:

  1. Activate eConfirmations in eServices Signup.
  2. Activate Arrivals by clicking Activate Arrivals.
  3. Create Arrival Rules.

Create Arrival Rules

  1. Select the clinic and any clinic-specific settings.
    • To create default rules, select Defaults as the clinic, then create the rules.
    • To apply default rules to a clinic, select the clinic, then check Use Defaults.
    • To create clinic-specific rules, select the clinic, uncheck Use Defaults, then create the rules.
    • To turn on/off automation by clinic, select the clinic, then check/uncheck Enable Automation for Clinic.
  2. Click Add Arrival.
  3. Enabled: By default this is checked, meaning the Arrival rule is turned on and active. Uncheck to disable the rule.
  4. Send Time: Set time preferences for sending the message.
    • Days / Hours: Set how far in advance of the appointment, in hours or days, the Arrival should be sent. The default is 3 hours.
    • Do not send within ____ of appointment: Control whether or not messages are sent for short notice appointments (e.g. same day appointments). When values are entered for Days / Hours, Arrivals will not be sent when the upcoming appointment time falls within the time period. If both Days and Hours are blank, Arrivals may be sent up to the appointment time.
  5. Send Order: Select how the Arrivals will be sent.
    • Text message is the only method in which Arrivals can be sent.
  6. Send text message auto replies - Template can be edited by click 'Advanced'.: Check this box to send a reply when the patient has notified you they arrived.
  7. Customize the Arrival text message.
    • To insert data from the database into the message, use Template Replacement Tags:
      • [ApptDate]: The date of the appointment.
      • [ApptTime]: The start time of the appointment.
      • [AptTimeAskedArrive]: The time the patient is asked to arrive.
      • [ClinicName]: The name of the clinic (Clinic).
      • [ClinicPhone]: The phone number of the clinic.
      • [NameF]: Patient's preferred name. If no preferred name, uses first name.
      • [PracticeName]: The practice name (Practice Setup).
      • [PracticePhone]: The practice phone number.
      • [ProvAbbr]: The abbreviation for the provider the appointment is scheduled with.
      • [ProvName]: The provider the appointment is scheduled with.
  8. Click OK to save the rule.

Aggregated Messages

When one or more appointments on the same day share a common patient email address and/or wireless phone number, the associated Arrival will be grouped together into one long text message.

To customize the message, in the Edit Arrival Rule window, click Advanced. Click the SMS Templates tab.

Arrival Templates

When the patient responds to the original message, you can right-click the appointment to send a Come In text message.

To customize the message, in the Edit Arrival Rule window, click Advanced. Click the Arrival Templates tab.