Production Totals

Daily gross and net production, as well as a daily goal, can be displayed in the Appointments Module.

In the Appointments Module, at the right, production and daily production goals can be viewed.

Daily Prod: By default, the value reflects the daily production sum, rounded to the nearest dollar, for all procedures attached to appointments where at least one provider has a provider bar showing in the appointment view. Uses provider on the appointment, rather than provider on each procedure.

Daily Goal: View the total daily production goal for all providers scheduled in the appointment view. The value is calculated multiplying the hourly production goal by the hours scheduled for the provider. Hourly goals are entered on the Edit Provider window.

  • To view actual production numbers, see Production and Income Reports.
  • Net production can be greater than gross production if a patient in the appointment view has received a refund

Production by Operatory

Hover over an operatory header, or single-click on the header to view production totals for the operatory.


To calculate Daily Prod, Daily Goal, and Production by Operatory values:

Preferences that affect production and production goals: