Update Provs on Future Appts

The Update Provs on Future Appts tool is useful if provider schedules or operatories have changed and scheduled appointments need to be updated.

In Operatories, double-click an operatory. In the Edit Operatory window, at the bottom, is an Update All button.

The Update Prov on Future Appts tool changes the provider, hygienist, and clinics (if applicable) on all future appointments. This is useful when you change an operatory's provider or hygienist, or after a final conversion. It follows typical provider logic.

See Schedule Setup Examples for more information on setting up schedules and operatories.

Run the Tool

Before running the tool:

Click Update All. When the warning prompt appears, click Yes to start running the tool.

A Done message will indicate when the tool is finished running. Click OK to close.

  • Running this tool will update the provider and hygienist on every future appointment in the operatory. To only change provider/hygienist on individual appointments, see Edit Appointment Window instead.
  • This tool will not remove the Is Hygiene flag from the appointment, even if Is Hyg is not checked in the operatory setup.
  • This tool will not remove a Hygienist even if the operatory no longer has a Hygienist assigned, or a Hygienist is not assigned to the operatory schedule.
  • We recommend backing up your data before running the tool.
  • The logged-on user must have the Setup and Edit Appointment permissions.
  • This tool should be run after hours, as it may take a long time to run.

After a Conversion

After a Final Conversion, future hygiene appointments may have the hygienist assigned as the primary provider. Once providers and operatories are setup, you should update appointment providers to match operatory providers.