In the Appointments Module, on the right under the calendar, is the Pinboard area.

The pinboard is a useful tool for moving or scheduling appointments.

To schedule an appointment, simply send appointments to the pinboard, select a different day or week, then drag the appointment to the new date/time. You can send appointments to the pinboard in several ways:

You can have multiple appointments on the pinboard at one time. Press Clear to empty the pinboard and return any existing appointments to their originally scheduled time.

Openings in View

If your schedule is booked out for more than a few days, manually searching for a slot can be time consuming. Instead, easily search for available openings.

Note: Schedules must be set up for the search to work, as search results show openings for scheduled providers in the selected appointment view. To control search behavior, see Appointments Module Preferences.

Place the appointment on the pinboard and click Search.

The first available time slots will show for each of the next 10 available days. Click More to see the next 10 results. Click on any date to jump to it in the schedule.

Results can be filtered by date, time, or Provider. If you change criteria, click Search again to refresh results.

Time slots in blockouts that do not allow appointment scheduling are not included in the results. See Blockouts.

If a user is restricted to a clinic, search results will only appear for openings in the clinic the user has access to.

When you find a suitable date, drag the appointment off the pinboard, then click X or Close to exit.

Advanced Search

To search for an available appointment based on additional qualifiers, click Advanced.

The Advanced Appointment Search window includes all the same options for searching by date, time, and provider. Additionally you can specify a blockout type, clinic, and an appointment view.

  • Blockout types with the Do Not Schedule type will not appear in the dropdown list.
  • Selectable clinics will be restricted based on the current user restrictions, if any.
  • Appointment Views are only searchable if the clinic is set to Unassigned.