Ortho Chart Setup

The Ortho Chart can have customized tabs and fields to meet the needs of an office.

In the Ortho Chart, click Setup.


Before entering information in the Ortho Chart, there are a few setup steps. The information defined during setup affects the tabs, columns, and info that shows in the Ortho Chart.

Note: If the total width of all Fields Showing in an Ortho Chart Tab exceeds 915, when printing from Ortho Chart, some fields may be cut off.

Add Tabs

Tabs are a way to organize Ortho Chart information. By default, there is one tab labeled Ortho Chart, additional tabs can be added. Each tab can have the same or different columns showing.

  • The name of the first tab determines the text on the Ortho Chart button in the Chart Module toolbar and the text of the Go to Ortho Chart right-click option when clicking on an appointment in the Appointments Module.
  • When there are multiple tabs, the Ortho Chart button in the toolbar includes a dropdown for each tab.

In Setup Display Fields, click Setup Tabs.

Use the Up and Down buttons to reorder tabs.

Click Add to create a new tab or double-click an existing tab name to edit.

Add Columns to a Tab

The columns that show on an Ortho Chart tab are also set in Display Fields. Columns can allow text entry, offer selection from a pick list, or show a signature box.

On the Setup Display Fields window, click the Tab dropdown and select the tab.

The fields listed under Fields Showing reflect the columns that show for the tab. The fields listed under Available Fields are options that are not currently showing.

Add or remove columns as needed.

Note: A field is hidden when it is moved into Available Fields for every tab.

To edit a column name, customize width, or create pick list options, double-click the field under Fields Showing.