Text Message

Text messages can be sent manually to both patients and non-patients.

In the Main Toolbar, click Text.

Before sending text messages, first sign up for eServices Texting and set monthly limits.

Choose one of the following options:

Find: Only available when Patient is selected. Open Select Patient to search for a different patient to text.

Longer messages may incur additional fees or send in multiple messages. For character limitations and message segment details, see Integrated Texting Q and A.

Text Message: Manually type a one-time message or Right-Click the text box for additional options.

Click Send to send out the text message to the recipient.

  • Text messages are not a secure method of sending PHI.
  • URLs generated by the Open Dental Automated Messaging Feature are safe to send. If other URLs are included, the URL may be truncated or messages may be blocked by the carrier.