Task Window

The Tasks window opens when you receive a new Task or response, or double click an existing task.

There is a splitter between the description text area and the Notes area. Drag the splitter up or down to shrink or expand the description area.

New: A task starts out marked New. Click the checkbox to remove the New status.

Done: When a task is complete, mark it as Done. Once done, a task disappears from the task list. A task that is marked done will automatically be marked not done if it is sent to another task list or a note is added to the task. To mark a task done from the Chart module, right click on the task in the Progress Notes and select Set Complete.

Date/Time Created: Automatically populates date and time the task was created. This cannot be edited.

Entry/Finished Dates: These fields are filled in automatically, but can also be quickly set by clicking Now.

Reminder: Tasks are not reminders by default and have a default type of NoReminder. To change a task to be a reminder, select a type from the dropdown. See Task Reminder.

From User: The name of the user who initiated this task. To change the user, click [...].

Task List: This field is filled in automatically and cannot be changed here. If a task list was selected first, the task list name appears. If this task is being sent to an inbox, it may be empty until you click Send To.

Task Priority: Assign a priority to the task. Priority types can be added in Definitions: Task Priorities.

History: View changes made to tasks throughout its lifetime. Only available if the user has TaskEdit security permission.

Description: Enter the task description. This text box supports right click options.

Auto Note: Add an Auto Note to the task description.

Notes: If this is an existing task, click Add to enter comments or notes. To quickly copy the text of the original task, and any notes, click Copy. Right click a website URL in task notes to open it in a web browser.

Object Type: Attach a specific patient or appointment to the task.

Copy: Copy the task number, patient number, date, patient, original task text and any notes.

Add: Add a note to the task. This is a useful tool to track a task's status as it gets sent back and forth between users.