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Standard Reports 

Standard reports allow you to track and view data using standard, text-based reports. They include production and income, daily and monthly reports, lists, and public health options.

A progress bar displays when long reports are run. Choose to see a report history query in Setup. Many reports use the complex reporting system. See Printing Reports - Complex Report System for a comprehensive list.

In the main menu, click Reports, Standard.

Setup: Set defaults for standard reports and customize the reports that list on the Standards Reports window. Enable Provider Payroll reports.

User Query: Generate custom reports that do not already exist in this list.

Laser LabelsThe Laser Labels feature was added entirely by Kapricorn Systems, Inc.

Production and Income: Generate Production and Income Reports.

  • More Options: Customize report options.
  • Today: Generate a report for today's date using default settings.
  • Yesterday: Generate a report for yesterday using default settings.
  • This Month: Generate a report the current month (1 - 31) using default settings.
  • Last Month: Generate a report for last month (1 - 31) using default settings.
  • This Year: Generate a report for the current year (Jan 1 - Dec 31) using default settings.
  • Provider Payroll Summary: Generate a report for total production per day in the date range. See Provider Payroll page for details.
  • Provider Payroll Detailed: Generate a report for production for each individual patient in the date range. See Provider Payroll page for details.

Daily: Reports that are typically run every day. They do not need to be run unless you need them for your records.

Monthly: Reports that should be run every month and are part of the Billing process.


Public Health Options:

UDS Reports

EHR (for EHR only)
     EHR Patient Export

Business Analytics: These are preferred business analytics service providers. Click a button to see more info; you won't be charged. If the bridge is enabled, clicking a button will launch your account. To remove the button(s), disable the bridge then check 'Hide Unused Button'.

Patient Reviews: Podium is a preferred patient review service provider. Click the button to see more info; you won't be charged. If the Podium Bridge  is enabled, click this button to launch your account in Dental Intel. To remove the button, disable the bridge then check 'Hide Unused Button'.

Problem: When I click Standard Reports, I receive the following message: At least one insurance payment is not finalized. Reports will be inaccurate until all payments are finalized.
Solution: This means that at least one claim payment has only been partially entered, or an insurance check is not finalized. To fix this error, complete the following:

Run query 971 in Query Examples to identify the claims. Partial payments and unfinalized claims will list.

  1. For partial payments, note the check date. Click Manage, Batch Ins. Make sure the date range on the Batch Insurance Payments window includes the check date. The partial payments will be indicated with an X in the Partial column. Double click the payment and either attach a payment or delete it.
  2. For unfinalized claims, note the patient number. Select the patient, open the unfinalized claim or claims, and click Finalize Payment.

Also see Webinar: Payment Not Finalized Error.


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