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Web Sched Appointments Report

Use the Web Sched Appointments report to identify patients who have scheduled appointments using Web Sched New Patient or Web Sched Recall.


  1. In the main menu, click Reports, Standard, Web Sched Appointments.
    Note: There is also a link to open this report from the Web Sched New Patient Appointment Alert. Click on the alert, then select open eServices Web Sched New Patient Appointments.

  1. From/To: Select the date range of appointments to view, based on when the patient created the appointment. Click the down arrow to select days from a calendar; click down arrow again to close the calendar.
  2. Clinics: If using Clinics highlight the clinics to report on. Press Ctrl while clicking to select multiple clinics or click All to select all clinics.
  3. Confirmed Status: Filter the results by appointment Confirmed Status,
    • Web Sched New Patient appointments default the confirmed status set on the Web Sched New Pat Appts setup window.
    • Web Sched Recall appointments default to the 'Not Called' confirmed status.
  4. Show Recall Appointments: Check to show appointments scheduled using Web Sched Recall.
  5. Show New Patient Appointments: Check to show appointments scheduled using Web Sched New Patient Appointments.
  6. Click Refresh List to update report results.


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