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User Queries

Queries are useful for retrieving information from your database that is not accessible through Standard Reports. Any data can be pulled in any format.

Find a Query

  • Query Favorites: Access a customizable list of queries that are used often in your practice. Designated users can only run 'released' queries. Query administrators can add, edit, and delete query favorites, as well as control which queries can be run by others.
  • Query Examples: Search through more than 1000 queries that have been requested by our customers, then copy/paste into Query Favorites or the Query window.
  • Custom Queries: For a fee, Open Dental can write custom queries for you. You must currently be on support.
  • Write your own query, then run and/or save it to your favorites.


Security: Access to queries is controlled by user security Permissions.

  • User Query: User can only run 'released' queries from query favorites.
  • User Query Admin: User can run queries, and edit, add and delete query favorites.
  • Command Query: User can run SQL commands (non-select queries)

For a list of tables and columns in the Open Dental database, see Programming Resources, Database Documentation.


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