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Print Routing Slips  

Open Dental is designed for use in a paperless office, but there are still some offices that like to use printed routing slips.  Open Dental can print a batch of routing slips for all appointments for an entire day. To customize routing slips, see Routing Slip Setup.

Print a single routing slip for one appointment:
In the Appointment schedule, right click on the appointment, then click Routing Slip.  

Print a batch of routing slips for one day's appointments: This can be done two ways. From the Routing Slips window in Standard Reports, or by clicking Print in the Appointments Module.

  1. In the Main Menu, click Reports, Standard. 
  2. In the Daily section, click Routing Slips.

  1. Select the criteria. 
    Providers: Highlight the Providers to print routing slips for. Check All to select all providers.
    Clinics: If using Clinics, highlight the clinics to print routing slips for. Check All to select all clinics.
    Date:  Enter the date.  Click Today to insert today's date, or Displayed to insert the current date shown in the Appointments module.

  2. Click OK. 

Below is an example of the internal Routing Slip.


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