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PPO Writeoffs Report  

Use the PPO Writeoffs report to compare writeoffs by claim or carrier. The report will list standard fees, PPO fees, and writeoff amounts.


  1. In the main menu, click Reports, Standard.
  2. In the Monthly section, click PPO Writeoffs.

  1. Select the report criteria.
    Calendar:  In the first calendar select the start date.  In the second calendar select the end date. The date range defaults to last month.
    Individual Claims List fees and writeoffs by claim.
    Group by Carrier: List total fees and writeoffs by carrier. To limit results, enter carrier name.
    Show Insurance Writeoffs: Determines the date writeoffs are applied. See Applying Writeoffs to Production for more details.
    - Use insurance payment date: Apply writeoffs on the date the insurance claim is received (Receive a Claim).
    - Use procedure date: Apply writeoffs on the day the procedure is completed.
  2. Click OK to generate the report.

Example of a PPO Writeoff Report by Individual Claim

Example of a PPO Writeoff Report by Carrier

For a description of toolbar buttons, see Complex Report System.


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