Treatment Plan Layout

In Sheets, double-click a Treatment Plan.

Note: The custom Treatment Plan sheet listed first alphabetically will be used. If there is no custom treatment plan, the internal sheet will be used. Example: If there are two custom treatment plan sheets, Custom Treatment Plan and Treatment Plan 2, Custom Treatment Plan will be used because it comes first alphabetically.

Enable the Preference

In version 17.1 and greater, all treatment plans automatically use sheets. There is no preference to enable.

In version 16.4 and earlier, to use a custom sheet for all treatment plans, enable the preference in Treatment Plan Module Preferences.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Treat' Plan.

Check the option Treatment Plans use Sheets. Uncheck the preference to use the classic treatment plan format instead.

Set up a Treatment Plan Sheet

In the main menu, click Setup, Sheets.

Copy a treatment plan sheet or create a new one.

Customize the sheet:

A treatment plan sheet must have exactly one signature box. It also must have at least one Grid: TreatPlanMain.

Sheet Def Properties: Edit the sheet name, font defaults, width/height, and page orientation.

Sheet Field Types

Some options are only available to sheets with a Treatment Plan type.

Note: This Output Text Field refers to the Treatment Plan Note.