Consent Form

Quickly create Consent forms from the Chart Module to print or have patients sign digitally.

In the Chart Module toolbar, click Consent.

Alternatively, in the Treatment Plan Module click Consent.

If only one Consent form exists, it will generate. If more than one Consent form exists, click the dropdown, then select the correct form. Above is the internal extraction Consent form.

Note: To include treatment planned procedures information on the Consent form, highlight procedures from the Treatment Plan Module first. Sheet must include the treatmentplanProcs or treatmentplanProcsPriority static text fields.

Fill out the form. Pale yellow areas (e.g., Tooth numbers) indicate input areas. Electronic Signatures are supported.

See Fill Sheet for additional information on the buttons and fields below the sheet.

If filling a Consent with a ProcsWithFee or ProcsNoFee grid, users are prompted to select procedures. If generating a Consent from the Treatment Plan Module, users must highlight procedures from the Treatment Plan first.

Signing Consent Forms

There are multiple ways a patient can sign a Consent form: