Edit Treatment Plan

In the Treatment Plan Module, double-click any of the inactive, active, or saved Treatment Plans to edit.

There are multiple types of treatment plans, each with their own designated usage.

Saved Treatment Plans

Saved Treatment Plans are designed to track treatment the patient has accepted. It can track acceptance rate and retains the fee information for the date it was saved. Saved treatment plans can also be used as one way to display treatment options (e.g. bridge vs implant).

To save a treatment plan:

  1. In the Treatment Plan, highlight the accepted procedures or treatment options, then click Save TP.
  2. If Prompt to save Treatment Plans is checked in Preferences, a popup will appear to rename the Saved Treatment Plan. Rename as needed.
  3. Once saved, the Saved Treatment Plan will appear at the top of the Treatment Plan Module with a status of Saved.
    • Saved treatment plans can be viewed or printed anytime.
    • Procedure fees within a Saved Treatment Plan are not affected by the Update Fees tool.

Double-click a Saved Treatment Plan to edit the date, heading, note, responsible party, and presenter information. Once a saved plan is electronically signed, it cannot be edited unless the signature is cleared.

Modify the information as needed:

When a treatment plan is saved, edits can be made to individual procedures as needed without affecting the original procedure. Select a Saved Treatment Plan, then double-click a procedure. Only procedures on unsigned treatment plans can be edited.

Active/Inactive Plans

An Active Treatment Plan displays treatment charted for the patient that has not been completed. Use Inactive Treatment Plans to keep a record of treatment the patient denied. Inactive Treatment Plans are also another way to present treatment options to a patient (e.g. bridge vs implant).

To inactivate procedures (denied treatment):

  1. In the treatment plans grid, double-click the active treatment plan.
  2. Using the left and right arrows, move denied treatment to the Available Procedures column on the right.
    • This will mark the procedures with a TPi status (Treatment Plan Inactive).
    • Procedures with a status of TPi do not display in the Chart Module, tooth chart, or Active Treatment Plans.
  3. Click OK to save.
    • A new Inactive Treatment Plan will be created titled "Unassigned." This heading cannot be changed.
    • Inactive Treatment Plans display in the Treatment Plans grid and can be viewed anytime.
  4. Optional: Assign treatment to a treatment plan to access additional editing options.
    1. In the Treatment Plan, click New TP.
    2. Select the procedures with status of TPi.
    3. Using the left and right arrows, move denied treatment to the Treatment Planned Procedures column on the left.
    4. Click OK to save.

To create treatment options:

  1. In the Treatment Plan, click New TP.
  2. In the Active Treatment Plan window, use the left and right arrows to move the treatment option to the left column (Treatment Planned Procedures).
  3. Click OK to save.
    • A new treatment plan with a status of Inactive will display in the Treatment Plans grid.
    • Treatment Options saved as Inactive Treatments plans cannot be signed.
    • Fees in an Inactive Treatment Plan are affected by the Update Fees tool.
    • All treatment will still list in the Active Treatment Plan.
    • Once treatment has been decided by the patient, save the treatment as a Saved Treatment Plan. The alternate treatment should have the procedures deleted or inactivated.

To make treatment active:

  1. Double-click an Inactive Treatment Plan.
  2. Move any treatment to the left column (Treatment Planned Procedures) if needed, then click Make Active Treatment Plan.
  3. Click OK to save.
  4. The previous Active Treatment Plan will change to Inactive.
  5. Alternatively, double-click the Active Treatment Plan and move any treatment to the left column (Treatment Planned Procedures). Click OK to save.
  6. Note: Unassigned Treatment Plans have limited editing options. Only the Make Active Treatment Plan option is available.

Inactive Treatment Plans can be edited as needed. Double-click a plan to edit: