Lab Case

In the Chart Module toolbar, click LabCase.


See our video: Lab Cases.

Before creating a lab case, set up dental Laboratories.

New Slip / Edit Slip: Generate a new Lab Slip, or edit a lab slip for an existing lab case. Set default lab slips for each lab in Laboratory Setup.

Note: Only one lab case can be attached to an appointment. If you have two lab cases, make another appointment next to the first and move the procedure (e.g. seating) to the second appointment. Lab cases are associated with the clinic that is assigned to the operatory the attached appointment is scheduled in.

Once a lab case is created, an entry will be added in the Progress Notes. If it was created within the Edit Appointment or Edit Planned Appointment window, the lab case will already be attached to the appointment and is ready to be scheduled. If created outside of an appointment, see Attach a Lab Case to an Appointment below.

If an Image Category has been assigned to LabCases, a PDF copy of a lab slip will be saved to the image module when printed, emailed, or created as a PDF.

Attaching a Lab Case to an Appointment

The lab case can be attached to a planned appointment first or directly to a scheduled appointment.

To attach to a planned appointment, double-click appointment in the Planned Appts tab to open the Edit Planned Appointment Window.

To attach to an already scheduled appointment, double-click the appointment itself in the Appointments module to open the Edit Appointment Window.

Click Lab in the left panel, then select the lab case and click OK to attach it. To create a new lab case, click New.

A list of lab cases already created for this patient, but not attached to an appointment, will show.

The attached lab case information will show in the Lab field.

It will also show in the appointment itself if Lab is added to the appointment view (Appointment View Edit).

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