Enter Treatment

Chart procedures for a patient using the Enter Treatment area.

In the Chart Module, select the Enter Treatment tab.

Planned treatment, treatment that is referred out, or existing treatment (done at your office or another location) can be charted. Entered treatment displays on the Graphical Tooth Chart and in Progress Notes.

See our video: Clinical Charting 1: Entering Treatment Webinar.

Tooth Surface Buttons (B/F, V, M, O/I, D, L): Click a button to populate a surface in the box above. To remove an entry, click the button again. Multiple surfaces can be selected. The box itself cannot be edited.

Entry Status: Determines the procedure status. Set status colors in Definitions: Chart Graphic Colors.

Date: The date assigned to procedures when charting, regardless of Entry Status. Check Today to insert the current date. To use a different date, prior to entering treatment, uncheck Today and enter the procedure date.

Diagnosis (optional): One diagnosis can be set per procedure. Diagnoses are not displayed on the Graphical Tooth Chart. Customize options in Definitions: Diagnosis Types. To chart diagnoses separate from proposed treatment, use the Condition (Cn) entry status. See the following Entering Treatment, Conditions and Diagnoses section for details.

Prognosis (optional): One prognosis can be set per procedure. Customize options in Definitions: Prognosis.

Priority (optional): Assign a Treatment Plan priorty to the procedure. Affects the order of the procedure in active and inactive Treatment Plans. Used to prioritize treatment planned procedures. Customize options in Definitions: Treat' Plan Priorities.

Use one of the following options to chart treatment:

Treatment Plans: Check this box to show treatment plan information in place of the Progress Notes. See Treatment Plan in Chart. This check box only shows when Is TP View is also selected for the Chart View on the Show tab (Show Chart Views).

Entering Treatment

Entering by treatment area:

By default, procedures are charted with a status of Treatment Planned. Double-click a procedure to manually change the procedure status, or before charting treatment, change the radio button in the Enter Treatment tab to the correct status.

Treatment Planned procedures default to the provider for the patient's first appointment of the day, if it exists.

The procedure is added to Progress Notes and shows on the tooth chart (if applicable). If information is missing, the Procedure opens. Double-click a procedure to edit it.

Conditions and Diagnoses: There are two possible workflow options for charting diagnoses (e.g., caries).

Change Code Recommendations

If using Auto Codes, users may be prompted to change a procedure code if Open Dental has recognized a mismatch.

To set whether or not staff is required to accept Auto Code suggestions set Require use of suggested auto codes in Preferences.