Graphical Tooth Chart

The Graphical Tooth Chart visually displays the patient's teeth, as well as treatment that has been performed, is planned, or has been referred out.

In the Chart Module, at the upper left, is the graphical tooth chart.

To select a tooth, click the tooth or tooth number. Click a selected tooth again to deselect. Click and drag to quickly select multiple teeth.

Drag the slider bar under the chart to show historical changes to the patient's tooth chart. Procedures that were originally in the Treatment Planned procedure status appear on the chart as of the Procedure Date TP. Other statuses appear as of the Date Entry.

Tooth Numbering: Tooth numbering displayed on the Graphical Tooth Chart is determined by the Tooth Nomenclature set in Preferences.Open Dental supports 4 different tooth numbering systems:

Note: If viewing the Graphical Tooth Chart from the Ortho tab and Tooth chart ortho mode is enabled, tooth numbering is displayed in Palmer, regardless of Tooth Nomenclature preference.

Tooth Graphics:

Tooth Chart Dropdown

In the Chart Module, in the toolbar, is a Tooth Chart dropdown.

Show Big: Open the Big Graphical Tooth Chart.

Save the Tooth Chart: Save a copy of the Graphical Tooth Chart in the Imaging Module to the Image Category marked for Graphical Tooth Charts.


If treatment is displaying on the Graphical Tooth Chart that is no longer relevant or no longer in place (e.g., removed crown) check Hide Graphics in Procedure Info. Procedures are no longer displayed on the Graphical Tooth Chart.