CareCredit Action

See CareCredit Setup.

In the Treatment Plan Module, click CareCredit.

Alternatively, in the Account Module, click CareCredit.

Use the CareCredit Action window to navigate CareCredit options. This window only appears when CareCredit is enabled. When CareCredit is not enabled, the CareCredit website opens.

A patient must be selected as most of these buttons pertain to the selected patient.

Do not select another patient while the CareCredit interface is open. Changes made in CareCredit occur on the currently selected patient, not the patient selected when the interface was opened.

These dropdown menus only display when clinics is enabled and when Merchant number by Provider is checked in CareCredit Setup.

Apply: Opens the CareCredit Apply portal. The selected patient information is sent, so the information is prefilled.

Lookup: Opens the CareCredit Lookup portal. Find transaction history for patient. The selected patient information is sent, so it is prefilled.

Note: If Mark online payments as processed is enabled in Preferences, payments made through Apply or Lookup are allocated automatically using Allocation Settings and automatically marked as processed.

Reports: Opens the CareCredit Report portal. This is office wide information. No patient information needed or is sent.

Manage: Opens the CareCredit Manage portal. Allows offices to set promotions. No patient information is sent.

Transactions: Opens the CareCredit Transactions window.