Automated Messaging

In eServices Setup, click Automated Messaging.

Automated messaging includes eReminders, eConfirmations, Automated Thank-Yous, and Arrivals. Use this window to enable and set up each feature.

Activate / Deactivate Features

Choose which features to activate in the upper left.

Active features display in green. Inactive features display in red.

To activate a feature, click the Activate button. To deactivate a feature, click the Deactivate button.

eConfirmation Settings

eConfirmation Settings are specific to the eConfirmation feature. See eConfirmations for details.

Confirmation Statuses

Determine if automated messages are sent for appointments with a specific appointment confirmation status. Also see Definitions: Appt Confirmed.

This grid displays which confirmation statuses send for eConfirmations.

Double-click into the grid to expand and determine if messages are sent for other features.

Single-click into the grid to determine which statuses do and don't send a message.

Automated Messaging Rules

Create messages and rules for each automated messaging feature.