ODTouch Setup

See eServices Setup.

ODTouch is an application designed to navigate patient appointments via a convenient tablet device.

Note: ODTouch is currently in Limited Beta. Contact Open Dental Support for signup details.

Set Up ODTouch in Open Dental

  1. Sign up for ODTouch in the eServices Signup Portal.
  2. Set up Mobile Settings to use when logging into the app. This only needs done once and is used for all Open Dental apps.
  3. Determine ODTouch Security settings in Open Dental.
  4. Set up eRouting definitions.

Install ODTouch on a Tablet Device

ODTouch is designed for tablet devices, not mobile phones. See Tablet for compatible devices and details.

  1. Install the app to each desired device. ODTouch is available for iOS and Android.
  2. In the app, enter the Mobile Settings to connect the app with the database.
  3. In Open Dental, enable the device in eClipboard Setup, Mobile App Devices.
  4. In the app, log in using an Open Dental username and password.
  5. If Clinical Security is enabled in ODTouch Security, determine security options in ODTouch: Settings.