eServices Misc

In eServices Setup, click Miscellaneous.

The Miscellaneous Tab allows you to set the time window for sending automated Web Sched Recall reminders, eReminders, and eConfirmations. It is also a way to access the old Mobile Synch area.

Automated eServices Schedule

The automated eServices schedule determines the time window during which automated Web Sched Recall, eReminders, and eConfirmations can be sent.

A limited Start Time/End Time (e.g. 7 a.m. - 8 a.m.) will force the eConnector to queue up the messages that would be sent later in the day and instead send within the last few minutes of the run time.

The eConnector must also be running during the time window. Messages due after the End time each day will be sent at the End time. Same day eReminders that are due within one hour of the Start time (or before) will be sent one hour before the appointment, regardless of Start time.


Same-Day Reminder Exception

Normally, eReminders follow the Automated eServices Schedule, and will not send outside of this window. The exception to this rule applies to Same Day eReminder rules, when the appointment begins before the Automated eServices Schedule, in which case the eReminder can send up to one hour before the appointment.

Date Format

Select the date format to apply in email and text messages (eReminders, eConfirmations, manual confirmations, Web Sched ASAP messages, ASAP List text messages, Web Sched Recall reminders, Web Sched Notify messages, Patient Portal Invites, and email templates that contain appointment date tags).

If using a Custom date format, use the following information as a guide:

Show Mobile Synch (old-style)

Click to access the old mobile synch interface. See Mobile Synch Setup.