Patient Portal

In eServices Setup, click Patient Portal.

Patient Portal is hosted by Open Dental and available to all customers on support.


URLs determine the web address patients will use to access the patient portal and/or make patient payments. Patients can go directly to the hosted URL (generated by Open Dental) or to the hosted payment URL.

Patient Facing URL: The web address given to patients to access the portal. It can be the hosted URL, or, you can use a page on your own website that redirects the patient to the hosted URL. This URL shows on the printout generated when granting access.

Hosted URL: The patient portal URL generated by Open Dental and linked to your registration key.

Notification Email for Secure WebMail

The notification email subject and message are used to create un-secure email notifications that alert a patient when a new Secure WebMail Feature is available in the patient portal.

The email address set as WebMailNotify in Email Setup will be used to send WebMail notifications.