Web Sched Existing Patient

In the eServices Setup window, click Existing Patient.

Web Sched Existing Patient allows current patients to schedule their appointment online. The office can determine which type of appointments a patient can schedule, what hours are available, what operatories are available, and other appointment criteria.

To begin using Web Sched Existing Patient, first Sign Up for the service. After enabling and setting up Web Sched Existing Patient, see Web Sched Advanced to create the Web Sched Existing Patient URL.

For additional information:

Appointment Types

Web Sched Existing Pat Appt Types must be created prior to utilizing Web Sched Existing Patient. Web Sched Existing Patient Appointment Types determine the reasons patients can select for their appointment, the procedures for the appointment, the appointment length, and the time pattern.

Edit: Click to open Definitions: Web Sched Existing Appt Types. Add or edit appointment types as needed.

Note: Do not add an appointment type for recall procedures. Instead, use the Recall display name field below. When in use, Open Dental will include a recall option for patient's to select from. This allows Open Dental to update patient recall information.

Operatories Considered

Lists the operatories considered for available time slots. Only operatories associated with Existing Pat Appt Types are considered.

Edit: Open Operatory Setup. Add or edit operatories as needed.

Available Times for Patients

This area offers a preview of up to one month of open time slots for a location, based on the current settings.

Click Refresh to view openings.

Appointment Message

The Appointment Message is intended to provide useful information to patients and will display when the appointment is being created. Click in the message to customize it.

Allowed Blockout Types

By default, Web Sched Existing Patient does not consider Blockouts as available time. However, scheduling can be allowed on top of specific blockout types.

Other Settings

Additional settings can determine the functionality of Web Sched Existing Patient.

Web Sched Existing Patient Logic

Providers / Operatories: When there are multiple operatories with openings at the same time, an appointment will be scheduled in the operatory on the farthest left of the schedule.

When a provider's schedule is not assigned to a specific operatory, Web Scheduling will consider all Web Sched operatories where they are a primary provider as open for scheduling. This can result in appointments being created in operatories that appear to be closed.

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