View a summary of each location's text message history.

In eServices Setup, click Texting Services.

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Note: The eConnector must be running at all times to track monthly limits and overages. If it is not running, text messages can be sent, but tracking information is inaccurate and customer replies are not recorded.

Date Range

By default, usage information for the current month is shown. Use the arrows or calendar below the grid to change the month.

Default Clinic

When using clinics, only patients assigned to a clinic receive text messages, or there must be a default texting clinic. To set a default texting clinic:

  1. Select the clinic.
  2. Click Set Default. X is displayed in the Default column. This clinic is used when a patient's clinic is set to Unassigned in the Edit Patient Information window.

To remove a default, click Clear Default, or select a different clinic default.

Text Messaging Phone Number and Usage Summary Grid

Column definitions:

  • Open Dental HQ attempts to send outstanding message receipts for outbound messages for up to 60 days. If after 60 days, the receipts could not be delivered, they are deleted. Receipts includes the charge associated with the message and the message's deliver status.
  • The eConnector must be running to receive receipts. If receipts cannot be delivered, the Sent Charges column may not be up to date. Charges displayed here may not match the amount billed on the Monthly Support statement.

OptIn Preferences

Determine the office title and OptIn prompt when obtaining texting consent from a patient. For more information on texting consent, see Texting Terms of Service.