Payment Portal Setup

Use this window to generate the Payment Portal URL and setup Message-to-Pay.

In eServices Setup, click Payment Portal.

Clinic: Select the clinic to generate the Payment Portal URL for. When selected, the URL updates. If a patient accesses the wrong clinic's URL, the Payment Portal automatically switches to the correct clinic (assigned to the patient) after patient information is entered. This clinic dropdown does not affect Message-to-Pay templates.

Payment Portal

Copy the URL to provide Payment Portal access. This link can be embedded on the office website or sent via email.

Message-to-Pay Template

Message-to-Pay allows the office to quickly text or email a patient a link to the Payment Portal. Messages are sent from the Account Module, Payment dropdown.

Text Message: Customize the default text message template.

Email Subject and Body: Customize the default email message template. Click Edit to open HTML Email for additional customization.

Note: The [MsgToPayURL] tag is required. This sends the patient to the Payment Portal to make a payment. The [StatementURL] tag is optional. This sends the patient to Patient Portal to view their statement.

Enable Payment Portal Payments

Payment Portal is available for payment processors integrated in Open Dental.

Before using the Payment Portal, enable Online Payments in the Program Link for the credit card processor being used:

Provide Patient Access

Once Online Payments are enabled, patients can be provided access to the Payment Portal.

There are two options to provide patients access to the Payment Portal: