eClipboard Images

In the eClipboard Setup window, next to Allow Image Captures, click [...].

Patients can be prompted to take different images when checking in via eClipboard.


Available eClipboard Images: Lists Image Definitions available for use. Default definitions include:

eClipboard Images in Use: Lists Image Definitions in use. Patients will be prompted to take pictures of these items upon check-in. Each option shows as a separate item in the eClipboard check-in checklist. Pictures are immediately imported into the eClipboard folder in the Imaging Module.

Highlight a definition, then use the Left and Right arrows to move the item to or from the appropriate column.

Images in Use

Double-click an item in the eClipboard Images in Use column to edit the frequency.

Enter how often, in days, the patient should resubmit this image. Enter 0 for the patient to submit a new image at every check-in.

Note: If an image is only needed once and never needs updated (such as the patient picture/selfie), enter an unusually high frequency in days. e.g., 1,000,000.)