eClipboard: Payment Plans

Payment Plans can be sent to eClipboard to be reviewed and signed by the patient.

In a Payment Plan, click eClipboard.

To save signed Payment Plans to the Imaging Module, enable In eClipboard, save signed Payment Plans as PDF in Preferences.

Patient Currently in Session

If a patient is currently in an eClipboard session, in the Payment Plan, click eClipboard. The Payment Plan is added to their Check-in Checklist.

Patient Not in Session

If the patient is not currently in an eClipboard session, the Payment Plan can be sent to the device.

  1. In the Account Module, double-click into the Payment Plan, then click eClipboard.
  2. The following window displays.
  3. In eClipboard, tap the QR icon.
    • Alternatively, in the eClipboard menu, tap Payment Plans.
  4. Either use the device camera to scan the QR code, or type in the unlock code.
  5. The Payment Plan populates in eClipboard.

Signing the Payment Plan

Select the Payment Plan to sign.

Once the patient has made a decision, tap Sign.

Sign on the device, then tap OK to save.