PayConnect Window

In the Credit Card Payment window, click PayConnect.

Alternatively, in the Edit Insurance Payment window, click PayConnect.

PayConnect is an integrated Credit Card Payment program that can be used to process credit and debit card transactions.

Website: Only available to U.S. customers.

Transaction Type:

Card Number: Place the cursor in the field then swipe the credit card, or type the credit card number.

Security Code: Enter the security code from the back of the credit card. When the card is swiped the security code will auto-populate.

Expiration (MMYY): Enter the credit card expiration date. When the card is swiped the expiration date will auto-populate.

Zip Code: Enter the zipcode of the cardholder's billing address. When the card is swiped the zip code will auto-populate. When using a card on file, the zip code stored in Credit Card Manage auto-populates this field.

Name On Card: Auto-populates with the selected patient's name, or, when the card is swiped, the cardholder's name.

Amount: The purchase amount entered in the payment window. To edit, cancel the transaction and enter the correct amount in the payment window.

Save Token: Securely store the credit card number and expiration date as a token for future use. Set the default in Account Module Preferences, Automatically store credit card tokens.

Force Duplicate: Determines if a transaction on the same card, for the same amount, on the same day may be approved. Check to allow a duplicate transaction, uncheck to decline duplicates. Set the default in PayConnect Setup.

Signature Box: Patient may sign the transaction (optional) and the signature will be stored with PayConnect. See Electronic Signatures for signature capture options.

EMV Transactions

Credit cards with computer chips (EMV transactions) are supported for PayConnect but credit card tokens will not be saved for these transactions. Use a compatible credit card terminal and install the terminal drivers (see PayConnect Setup to install drivers). Terminal options include:


When processing a payment on a terminal through Open Dental: