Automated Messaging Advanced Settings

The Automated Messaging Advanced Settings houses settings regarding multiple automated messaging features.

In Automated Messaging, click Advanced Settings.

eConfirmation Settings

eConfirmation Settings are specific to the eConfirmation feature.

Each time an eConfirmation is sent, the appointment's confirmation status can also update automatically. Set the default status to apply for each circumstance:

1 click vs 2 click confirmation: These settings determine whether patient will click on the confirmation link once or twice to confirm the appointment.

Exclusion Days: Click to open eConfirmation Exclusion Days.

Auto Message Settings

When an Automated Thank-You message or an eReminder is sent to a patient, and the [AddToCalendar] tag is included in the message, the patient can opt to save the appointment to the calendar on their device.

Use Practice Default: Only displays when a clinic, other than Headquarters, is selected. Check to use the Headquarters title. Uncheck to enter a custom title for the selected clinic.

Auto Message Calendar Event Title: The title of the event saved to the patient's calendar. Use the Clinic dropdown to change the title for each clinic.

eReminder Settings

Premedicate Template: The sentence sent for eReminders that include the [Premed] tag. The [Premed] tag only sends for patients marked as Premedicate in the Medical area.

Miscellaneous Settings

Allow Automated Messaging from Appts w/o Clinic: This option applies to both eReminders and eConfirmations when the clinic on an appointment is set to none.

Confirmation Statuses

Determine if automated messages are sent for appointments with a specific appointment confirmation status. Many of these settings can also be set in Definitions: Appt Confirmed.

Single-click into the grid to determine which statuses do and don't send a message.

Note: Statuses that are grayed out indicate they are waiting room and dismissed triggers set up in Preferences. These are excluded from automated messaging.