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Integrated Texting Feature

Open Dental's Integrated Texting eService allows you to send and receive text messages between patients and the office directly from Open Dental. It works in conjunction with other eServices for enhanced patient communication.

Feature Highlights

Watch our video: Integrated Texting Webinar .

  • Works with Automated Messaging to send appointment reminders and other texts automatically (additional eService required).
  • Easily send appointment texts for all appointments for the day from the Appointments Module
  • See texts from the inbox and filter by patient.
  • ODMobile users can text using the ODMobile app (additional eService required).
  • Web Sched users can send text messages with links (additional eService required).

Getting Started

A per-location access fee is included in eServices Bundle or is available for a standalone monthly fee. Additional fees apply per outbound text message.

Practices must be on support and have a unique, active registration key to sign up for Integrated Texting.

*Text messages are not a secure method of sending PHI. See Encryption of Data at Rest and in Transit.

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