Rx / Prescription

Paper prescriptions can be written and printed in Open Dental.

In the Chart Module toolbar, click New Rx.

Alternatively, in the Rx Manage window, click New Rx.


Select Prescription

The Select Prescription window opens when creating a new prescription.

Prescriptions: This list shows any prescription templates added to Rx Setup. Double-click a prescription or highlight and click OK to start a new prescription for the patient.

Search: Enter criteria to filter the prescription list.

Blank: Create a prescription for the patient without using an existing template. Opens the following Edit Rx window without any details entered. Not available if EHR is turned on.

Highlight a prescription and click OK to create a new prescription for the patient using an existing template. Opens the following Edit Rx window with details added.

Note: If Prescription Alerts are triggered, a warning is displayed with interaction information. Click Cancel to select a different prescription template. Click OK to proceed.

Edit Rx

Double-click a prescription template or click Blank from Select Prescriptions to create a new prescription. Alternatively, double-click an existing prescription from the Chart Module, Progress Notes area to make changes.

Enter or change details for the patient's individual prescription. Information entered here does not affect the Rx / Prescriptions List.

Delete: Remove prescription details from the patient. Only removes the prescription from Progress Notes. The prescription must be removed from the patient's Medications list separately if needed.

Audit Trail: Open Audit Trail for Rx to view changes to the prescription. See Audit Trail for Rx section for details.

Pat Instr.: Print instructions for the patient for this prescription. Uses the first Rx Instructions Layout in the custom Sheets list, if any. If there are no custom sheets, uses the default RxInstruction sheet.

Click Save to create the prescription or keep changes without printing.

Click Print to save the prescription and send it to a printer.

Saved prescriptions can be found in the Progress Notes area in the Chart Module and to the patient's Medications list. Prescriptions are not previewed before printing, so they cannot be digitally signed or changed before printing.

Procedure Required on Prescription

Some states require an associated procedure show on their printed prescriptions.

To enable the options to attach procedures to a prescription, first do the following:

  1. Go to Lists, Prescriptions and check Procedure code required on some prescriptions.
  2. If using clinics, go to the Clinics list and enable Proc code required on Rx from this clinic for each Clinic as needed.

Once the option is enabled:

If attached to the prescription, procedure details (including ICD-10 codes) are included on the default Rx Sheet when printing.

Audit Trail for Rx

Click Audit Trail from a patient's prescription to view an audit trail specific to the prescription. Any time a prescription is created, edited, deleted, or printed, a log is created in the Audit Trail for Rx.

Details in the Audit Trail for Rx mirror the Audit Trail tool.

Additional Information

Automation actions can be set up to occur when creating a prescription.

Some regions may require controlled substance prescriptions to include a CDT procedure code. The Rx Sheet template can be edited in two ways to accommodate this:

If using eRx, see NewCrop eRX / Prescription or DoseSpot eRx / Prescription for details on adding CDT codes.