Rx Multiple Layout

The RxMulti Sheet is a sheet type that allows practices to print out multiple prescriptions for a patient on a single page.

In Sheets, double-click on a custom sheet with the type of RxMulti.

Alternatively, in Sheets:

Also see: Sheet Def Properties and Sheet Field Types.

To customize a RxMulti sheet type, see Edit Sheet Def.

When printing from multiple prescriptions from Rx Manage, the RxMulti sheet type is used. If no custom sheet has been created, then the internal sheet is used. If multiple custom RxMulti sheets exist, the top-most (i.e., first alphabetically) sheet will be used when printing from Rx Manage.

Users can edit the sheet as needed to handle any regulations imposed by their state. If additional assistance is needed, please contact Open Dental Support and we will add any additional options that might be needed. The following changes can be made to printed Rx sheets:

Each Rx template requires a corresponding Prov.NameFL, PatNameFL, PatBirthdate, and Drug output text field.

Each Output Text field has a number to indicate its order on the page. For example, prov.nameFL is for prescription 1, prov.nameFL2, is for prescription 2, etc. Simply make sure the output text fields for each prescription match the order on the page. Prescription 4 should have output text fields that end in 4, prescription 5 should have output text fields that end in 5, etc.

The internal RxMulti sheet prints up to 4 prescriptions per page, but it can be customized to print up to 6. When printing multiple prescriptions, any unused Rx sheets will have VOID printed across them.