Rx Layout

For offices using printed prescriptions, the print layout used for single prescriptions can be customized as needed.

In Sheets, double-click on a custom sheet with the type of Rx.

Alternatively, in Sheets:

Also see: Sheet Def Properties and Sheet Field Types.

To customize a Rx sheet type, see Edit Sheet Def.

See Sheet Def Defaults to set the sheet to use when printing a single Rx / Prescription.

Users can edit the sheet as needed to handle any regulations imposed by their state. If additional assitance is needed, please contact Open Dental Support and to add any additional options that might be needed. The following changes can be made to printed Rx sheets:

If the state requires two signature lines (e.g., use generic and as written), users can download the following sheet template: rxtwosigs.xml. The template can be imported. See Sheet Tools Import / Export.

To customize a print layout for multiple prescriptions on one page, see Rx Multiple Layout.