NewCrop eRX / Prescription

Use NewCrop eRx to send electronic prescriptions for patients.

In the Chart Module, click eRx.

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To Create and Send a Prescription

  1. Microsoft Edge opens with the Compose Rx tab selected. If the interface is not visible, check the task bar to ensure Microsoft Edge is the focus.
  2. To find a drug:
    • In the Drug Search field, enter the drug name and click Drug Search.
    • All matching drugs are displayed. If there are more 20 results total, click the dropdown next to a drug name to display all dosing options. If using the comprehensive version and there is an insurance formulary attached to this patient, formulary status appears in the first column. Click a formulary link to see therapeutic alternatives. See NewCrop eRx Drug Formulary Checks.

    • Click Favorites to choose from a list of saved prescriptions.
    • Click Drug Sets to choose from a list of saved groups of prescriptions.
    • Click Compounds to choose from a list of saved compound drugs.
  3. Click the drug and dosing combination to select it.
  4. If using NewCrop eRx Comprehensive, the monograph, leaflet, and patient education links show at the right. Click to access.
  5. Enter the Sig information. Some information may automatically populate. Edit as needed. Frequency must always be selected. If prescribing a Drug Set or Compound, this window does not appear.
    • If the Route or Frequency selected is as directed an Additional Sig must be entered.
    • The Additional Sig field is limited to 140 characters.
    • To associate an ICD code to the prescription, assign the code in the Procedure - Medical Tab of a completed or treatment planned procedure in Open Dental before clicking eRx. Up to two ICD 10 codes can be added to a prescription.
    • To save this drug to the Doctor's Favorites List, check Add to Favorites.
  6. Click Prescribe.
  7. By default, Location Pharmacies are listed. Uncheck Show Location Pharmacies to see patient's preferred pharmacies. Click Search to find a specific pharmacy. Click the pharmacy name to select.
  8. Once a pharmacy is selected, click one of the following buttons:
    • Transmit: Non-controlled substances are sent automatically to the selected pharmacy.
      If sending a controlled substance proceed to Step 8.
    • Record: Adds the prescription to patient's active medications list. This is not sent electronically.
    • Print: Print the prescription. This is not sent electronically.
    • Leave for Staff: Send the prescription back to the pending status.
  9. The prescribing provider must enter their 4-digit pin. If this is the first time the prescriber has transmitted a controlled substance, they are prompted to create a pin instead.
  10. Enter the one-time passcode. There are three options for receiving the passcode:
    1. Click Send Push Notification in the NewCrop eRx interface. The prescriber receives a notification in the Authy App on their mobile device. Click Approve or Deny.
    2. Click the Hardware Token radio button in the NewCropRx interface. Press the button on the hardware token, and enter the generated code into the Enter Code field.
    3. Open the Authy App and enter the displayed code.
  11. Click Sign & Transmit Rx. The prescription is sent electronically to the selected pharmacy.

The completed prescription is automatically copied to the patient's Medication List and Progress Notes in Open Dental after one of the following:

Compounds Maintenance

In the NewCrop eRx window, click Admin in the top toolbar.

Click Compounds Maintenance in the List Maintenance area on the left.

To add a Compound Medication:

  1. Click New Compound.
  2. Enter a name for the compound (e.g., Magic Mouthwash) in the Label box.
  3. Click Add Ingredient.
  4. Type drug name in the Active Ingredients column and enter the quantity.
  5. Repeat for each drug in the compound.
  6. Enter the sig for the compound.
  7. Select the dispense amount dispense form from the dropdown.
  8. Select the schedule of the compound using the Schedule dropdown.
  9. Click Save to save to the Compounds List.

To edit a Compound Medication:

  1. Click Edit next an existing medication in Compounds List Maintenance.
  2. Make any changes to the medication (e.g., add ingredients, default sig, etc.).
  3. Click Save.

Drug Sets Maintenance

In the NewCrop eRx window, click Admin in the top toolbar.

Click Drug Sets Maintenance in the List Maintenance area on the left.

To Add a Drug Set:

  1. Click Add Set
  2. Enter a name for the drug set (e.g., Pre-Surgery)
  3. Click Add.
  4. Click Add under the name of the Drug Set to add a drug.
  5. Use the search box to look up the first drug.
  6. Click the drug name to add it to the drug set.
  7. Enter the sig for the drug.
  8. Click Add to Drug Set.
  9. Repeat Steps 4-8 for as needed to add any additional drugs to the drug set.

To edit a Drug Set:

  1. Click the arrow below a drug set to see the existing drugs.
  2. Use the Add and Remove buttons to edit the drugs in the drug set.
    • Add See Steps 4-8 in To Add a Drug Set above for instructions on adding a new drug.
    • Remove: Click to delete an existing drug from the drug set. Click Yes, delete when prompted to confirm the deletion.

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