EHR Payor Type / SOP Codes

Payor types refer to the system of payment (SOP code) that identifies a patient's payor status.

In the Family Module, Patient Information area, double-click on the Payor Types row.

A historical log of the patient's payor types will show. Payor types are used in some EHR Clinical Quality Measures calculations. A patient's payor type selection may determine if a patient counts in a CQM denominator.

Note: If you do not see the Payor Types row, it may need to be added to Fields Showing in Display Fields, Patient Information.

Click Add to select a payor type, or double-click a row to edit.

  • Start Date: Defaults to today's date.
    • The Date End for the previous payor type entry (if it exists) will be the start date of the new entry. Otherwise, the Date End will be Current.
  • Payor Type: A list of all SOP codes. If the list is blank, SOP codes must be downloaded. See Importing Code Systems.
  • Note: Enter any notes about this payor type for the patient.