EHR Payor Type / SOP Codes

Payor types are used in some EHR Clinical Quality Measures calculations. Payor types refer to the system of payment (SOP code) that identifies a patient's payor status. A patient's payor type selection may determine if a patient counts in a CQM denominator.

Select a Patient's Payor Type

  1. In the Family Module, Patient Information area, double click on the Payor Types row. (If you do not see the row, it may need to be added to Fields Showing in Display Fields, Patient Information.)

    A historical log of the patient's payor types will show.

  2. Click Add to select a payor type, or double click a row to edit.
  3. Select the payor type information, then click OK to save.
    • Start Date: Defaults to today's date
    • Payor Type: A list of all SOP codes. If the list is blank, SOP codes must be downloaded. See Importing Code Systems.
    • Note:

    When a new payor type is added, the Date End for the previous payor type entry (if it exists) will be the start date of the new entry.