Insurance History

Insurance history allows users to record previous treatment dates for procedures completed outside the practice, so Open Dental can calculate frequency limitations accurately.

In an Insurance Plan, click Hist.

Alternatively, in the Family Module, at the bottom of the insurance plan, double-click the insurance history grid.

Tracking insurance history is useful when using Frequency Limitations. By entering the previous date for procedures completed outside the office, Open Dental can calculate frequency limitations accurately.

Dates listed are based on the most recent applicable procedure with a Completed status attached to a received claim, or an Existing Other status. If the date is from a Completed procedure and you attempt an edit, the new date will only show if it is more recent than the Completed procedure's date.

Insurance history can be updated via Electronic Eligibility and Benefits.

Edit which procedure codes are assigned to a category in the Treatment Plan Module Preferences.

To add history for a category, enter the date the procedure was completed, then click OK.

When history is added for a category, the first procedure code entered in the Treatment Plan Preferences will be entered as an Existing Other procedure in the Chart Module. Preferences can be edited if a different code is preferred.

When claims are received, the insurance history will update accordingly.

If insurance benefits were used outside the office, see Adjustments to Insurance Benefits.