Patient Portal Access

Use the Patient Portal window to provide or remove access to the portal.

In the patient's Chart Module, Patient Information area, double-click the Patient Portal row.

Alternatively, in the EHR Dashboard, click Provide Online Access next to the ElectronicCopyAccess measure.

Before access can be granted:

Setup: Click to open Patient Portal settings.

Provide Online Access: Displays when a patient does not have access. Click to automatically generate a user name and password.

Remove Online Access. Displays when a patient has access. Click to remove the patient's ability to login to the portal.

Patient Facing URL: The patient portal web address. Click Open to open the URL in a web browser.

Online Username: Defaults to the patient's first name plus a random number. The user name is not case sensitive. Patients can change their username after logging into Patient Portal.

Online Password: Displays the generated password or asterisks if a password already exists. The password is case sensitive.

Print: Generate a printout of the user name, password, and the patient portal URL to give to the patient.

For information about what the patients sees when they log in to the portal see Patient Portal: What Patient Sees and Authorized Representatives.

Alternative Methods to Grant Access

Option 1: Set up Patient Portal Invites which can be sent via email before or after a scheduled appointment. See Edit Rule, Patient Portal Invites section for details.

Option 2: Generate a Sheet that has the patientPortalCredentials Sheet Static Text Field on it.