Statement Layout

In Sheets, double-click a Custom Sheet.

Statement, Invoice, and Receipt sheets can be customized by setting up a Sheet with a Statement type.

To use a custom statement for statements, limited statemented, invoices, and receipts, see Sheet Def Defaults.

Set up a Statement Sheet

Copy a sheet or create a new one.

Change the sheet as needed.

There are additional options that are only available for sheets with a Statement type. A few are described below.

Grids: There are five grids that can be added to a sheet.

Payment Options: When adding Static Text Fields, there is an additional 'Is Payment Options' checkbox. When checked, this designates the field for inclusion when payment information is included in a statement, invoice, or receipt. The checkbox 'Hide payment options' on the Statement window determines if payment information is included or not.

Output Text Fields: See Sheet Output Text Field.