Definitions: Image Categories

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Definitions, Image Categories.

The Image Categories definition determines the category folders available to organize documents in the Imaging Module.

Also with this definition, set category images to show in other areas of the program and set the default category where documents are saved (e.g. saved treatment plans, statements, etc).

To add or edit category folders:

  1. Double-click an existing item or click Add to create a new item. The Edit Definition window will open.
  2. Name: Enter the category name.
  3. Usage: (Optional) Set the category properties by checking the boxes that apply. Letters in parentheses display the designation used in User Queries.
    • Show in Chart Module: Check to show category as both a folder in the Imaging Module and as an additional tab at the bottom of the Chart Module.
    • Show Thumbnails: Images displays as a thumbnail. Double-click a thumbnail to open the document. Only image files types (e.g., .jpg, .gif, .png, etc.) will show a thumbnail preview.
    • Show in Patient Forms: Check to access documents in this category from the Patient Forms. Double-clicking a document in the forms window will immediately switch to the document in the Image module.
    • Show in Patient Portal: Check to let patients access documents in this category from the Patient Portal Feature.
    • Patient Pictures (only one): Check to use images stored in this category as the patient picture in the Family Module and on the Appointments Module.
    • Statements (only one): Check to store PDF copies of all printed and emailed Statements in this category. Also stores statements exported as a CSV.
    • Graphical Tooth Charts (only one): Check to store tooth charts saved from the Chart module in this category.
    • Treatment Plans: Check to store PDF copies of printed, emailed, or signed treatment plans from the Treatment Plan Module in this category. Enable the Save signed Treatment Plans to PDF preference to automatically save signed treatment plans.
    • Payment Plans (only one): Check to store PDF copies of printed payment plans or payment plans signed on eClipboard. See Sign and Print Payment Plan in this category.
    • Claim Attachments (only one): Check to store attachments from DentalXChange Attachment Service.
    • Lab Cases (only one): Check to store PDF copies of Lab Slips in this category when printed, emailed, or saved as a PDF.
    • Autosave Forms (only one): Check to enable Check 'Autosave' By Default in Sheet Def Properties and Autosave to Images in Fill Sheet. Sheets are only autosaved when clicking OK from the Fill Sheet window and the Autosave to Images box is checked. Autosaved sheets or forms will be saved as a PDF to this category.
    • Task Attachments (only one): Check to enable attachments on tasks. See Task Attachments.
  4. Click OK to save.

Duplicate image categories can be combined. See Merge Image Categories.