The Commlog is a general purpose log of all communications with a patient.

In the Main Toolbar, click Commlog.


A log of all commlog entries show in the Account Module, Chart Module, Edit Appointment, and Recall List.

In some cases, the commlog window may open automatically to prompt an entry after an action:

Types: The options that show are those listed in Definitions: Commlog Types. In some areas of Open Dental, a commlog's default type is set based on where the commlog is created. Below are the default commlog types and associated usage types available in Open Dental. These can be edited in Definitions.

Type does not affect sorting of commlogs.

Mode: The method of communication. Modes are not customizable.

Sent or Received: Direction of communication. These options are not customizable.

Note: Enterprise users can default commlogs to not set a default type, mode, and sent/received status. See: Commlog fields blank by default in Enterprise Setup for details.

Edit Auto Note: This button only appears if an Auto Note has been used. Click to complete Auto Note that may have been left unfinished.

Auto Note: Add Auto Notes to the commlog note text.

Clear: Clear contents of commlog note.

Note: The commlog text. Once a note is added to a new commlog, you must click OK to save or Delete.

In some cases, a commlog entry is automatically created after an action:

Statements: Every time a statement is created, a commlog entry with a type of Statement Sent is automatically generated and shown as a line item in the patient's account. These entries do not show in the Communications Log list.

Auto Save: New commlogs in progress can be set to auto save on a 10 second timer, if a change was made in that time. Auto Save is only available for newly created commlogs.

Automatic Commlogs

Some commlog entries are automatically created by the OpenDentalService, eConnector, FHIR, etc. and, have no user associated. These commlogs will show as one line of text. Double-click the commlog to view the entire message.

Automated commlogs can be hidden from these areas using the Show Automated Commlogs preference:

The preference to hide Automated Commlogs is saved per user.


Commlogs can include links to outside sources or other places within the program. Right-click a commlog from the Progress Notes or Account Module to open a link.